Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Over It

I'm currently working on an assignment for technique class that I've been doing a good amount of research on. I was grouped with six other students to do an improv scene in an operating room. We took our first stab at it (pardon the pun) yesterday, and it was a bit of a mess. I had done some research, but admittedly, not as much as I should have. Our teacher gave us another chance to do it for tomorrow's class, so this morning I've been working on the research aspect. I've watched a good four or five Youtube videos specific to my character's position (surgical assistant) and a few on the procedure we decided on as a group (spinal fusion).

That being said ... I hate hospitals. I can't stand the idea of being in an operating room. It gives me the creeps. Of course, we aren't actually in an OR, but nonetheless, it's a little weird. Somehow, though, all this research has made me a lot more comfortable with the idea. Now that I understand as an actor that there is a need to be in that room, performing surgery, handling medical tools, etc, it is a lot easier to put my unnecessary anxiety aside. I suppose that's what research does for actors - prepares them to put aside their own feelings to contribute to the scene or plot and to make certain that they understand what their character is responsible for.

Long, pointless story short - it's a bit easier now.

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