Friday, October 19, 2012

The Confused Blatherings of an Exhausted Theatre Student ...

I got hardly any sleep last night ... as in, Wednesday night.

I went out after class with a few friends from the program and enjoyed the cheapest ice cream sundae in the history of forever at Denny's. Then I drove home (it took forty-five minutes to go three blocks because of a Hollywood Bowl concert) and didn't get there until about midnight. At that point I was wired from blasting music in my car with both windows rolled down on the drive home to stay awake and not total my car.

The point is, I didn't get into bed until about 2 AM. I didn't fall asleep until about 4 AM. I woke up at 11, freaking out about not having enough time to do anything with my life and worrying that I was wasting my time sleeping, as I usually do. I got up and tackled a solid three hours of research for my scene study piece, which made me feel even more comfortable with the material.

Since I didn't go out that afternoon to run errands or grab something to eat, I figured I'd head to Hollywood a couple hours early and grab a coffee and finish research in character before class started. My character I was researching and studying is a master's student working on her Art thesis. She's an impulsive, passionate, yet subtle woman. I know it seems impossible to throw all three of those together, but there you go.

The part of the story that is funny, though, is that I got hit on more and much more attention from guys in general when I was getting coffee as someone else than I have this whole past month as myself. One was random and hysterically funny, one was sweet and somewhat-not-really smooth, and the last was uncomfortable and slightly creepy.

Story done. Bed calling to me. Singing my name. Must go. Now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Over It

I'm currently working on an assignment for technique class that I've been doing a good amount of research on. I was grouped with six other students to do an improv scene in an operating room. We took our first stab at it (pardon the pun) yesterday, and it was a bit of a mess. I had done some research, but admittedly, not as much as I should have. Our teacher gave us another chance to do it for tomorrow's class, so this morning I've been working on the research aspect. I've watched a good four or five Youtube videos specific to my character's position (surgical assistant) and a few on the procedure we decided on as a group (spinal fusion).

That being said ... I hate hospitals. I can't stand the idea of being in an operating room. It gives me the creeps. Of course, we aren't actually in an OR, but nonetheless, it's a little weird. Somehow, though, all this research has made me a lot more comfortable with the idea. Now that I understand as an actor that there is a need to be in that room, performing surgery, handling medical tools, etc, it is a lot easier to put my unnecessary anxiety aside. I suppose that's what research does for actors - prepares them to put aside their own feelings to contribute to the scene or plot and to make certain that they understand what their character is responsible for.

Long, pointless story short - it's a bit easier now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's Been a Rough Day ...

And it seems as though rough day's are becoming more common. I love it here - truly I do. But once reality hits in, once you actually realize you're flying solo, you've got to wake up. It's a big change. I have more responsibilities in some respects, and less in others. I need to get my butt out of the house and grocery shop, for instance. I need to start taking better care of myself (health-wise). But I don't have to worry about physics or AP government homework. I don't have to worry about chores the way I did before. I'm working and cleaning and living for myself only, which is a pretty exciting idea, I think. 

I haven't heard back from the modeling management company yet, but I'm not holding my breath. My go-see was last week, and I had no idea why they even called me in in the first place. I'm not a model. Yes, I'm on the tall side and I'm not over-weight. But it's difficult to consider modeling when the average talent is 5'10 and 110 lbs. I am 5'9 and 150 lbs. I am not embarrassed about my weight or my curves, or any part of my physical being. I am reasonably healthy and I take pretty decent care of myself. But there is no way I'm willing to develop an eating disorder so that I can have someone take photos of me and call me pretty.

The job hunt officially starts tomorrow. I've been scoping out Craigslist a bit, but I don't really trust it all that much. I'll pop into a few places that I go often like Trader Joe's and Crossroad's Trading and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to see if they have any available positions. I figure if I have to work, if I have to get up every morning and report to someone else and do a job, that I should at least support the company or store I'm working for. Plus, benefits and discounts are not too shabby, either. 

I am pretty wiped from class tonight. Mondays are voice & speech and improv. I suck at improv. I'm not too bad at voice & speech, simply because I like to talk. But it was a lot to take in tonight, let alone my first rehearsal with my scene partner for Neil Labute's The Shape of Things. I'm excited about the piece, and hopefully it all goes smoothly.

Long days lead to long nights. And long nights lead to peaceful slumbers. For normal people. I shall bid the internet adieu for an attempt at normalcy. Sweet dreams, creepers.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to my Big Adventure

Hi there. My name's Faith. Some of you reading this might know me. Perhaps you're a friend, a family-member, my best friend's cousin's new roommate ... you get the idea. Perhaps some of you don't know me. Maybe you stumbled upon this blog because the world wide web is a portal for procrastination and infinite distraction. Either way, thanks for reading.

I'm just a girl living in a big city, with a pretty huge dream. I'm like all other girls that come to Los Angeles. In some ways. I want to be successful. I want to support myself on my craft, my art. But I'm also very different in a lot of ways. I came here to study. Not to get famous. At some point, later on, down the road, etc, who can say what I'll want. But right now, I'm learning.

The idea is to use this blog to take down important events, lessons, and experiences that I have while I'm here. I'm hoping to do a better job keeping it up than I do with my journal or exercising or ... you get the idea. I hope you enjoy reading about my triumphs and failures, and a bit of my boring rants. 

Most importantly, thank you for coming on this journey with me.